Movie Lover

So I’m posting this here so I don’t forget about it, but I have a personal project idea that is probably inspired by seeing Aaron Draplin and other designers who make something when they can’t find it.

I love movies and I love going to the movies. A couple Christmases ago my mom got me a ticket stub book so I could save all of my movie tickets and it’s been the best spontaneous, this-wasn’t-on-my-wishlist-and-it’s-better-than-what-I-came-up-with gift ever. I love my ticket stub book and I spend inordinate amounts of time updating it and looking at old tickets.

The problem is is that a lot of movie theaters nowadays are foregoing beautiful, well-designed tickets in favor of cheap, flimsy tickets where the type rubs off and it drives me crazy when I can’t read the ticket a year after I bought it. Movies tickets are memories! I write the title of the movie next to the ticket and who I saw it with, but I don’t want just scraps of crappy blank paper to be kept in my sacred ticket stub book.

My plan is (when I have time/motivation) is to make my own movie tickets of my favorite films and I really, really wish I had thought of this idea for my Senior Project, like, three months ago. It’s too late to change ideas, but I hope I’ll do this on my own time when I’m out of school. I want this post to stay here so whenever I log on I’ll see it and remember and get to work on it. Hopefully.


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