Don’t Smoke, Kids


This the first project I did for my Image Design class. We had to take a sound and make an abstract interpretation from it. My sound was smoker’s cough. Normally I find this sort of assignment tricky, but I had quite a bit of fun with this one. My thought process was that the human body is an amazing, even beautiful, organism that is destroyed by smoking.

The sound of  a smoker’s cough is so repellant to me that I knew I wanted to make this project gross and uncomfortable to look at. I bought some flowers to represent the human body went to town on destroying it, which surprisingly was a lot of fun. I managed to not set off the fire alarm (I burnt some of the flowers) and that was a definite plus. The brown sludge is a mixture of dirt, paint, and soy sauce (which smells terrible). I also stuck some nails and glass in the flower to give it a creepy, dark feel.


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